Mixed Tenses Exercises 1 - Ushtrime gramatikore me kohera te perziera 1

Gap-fill exercise- Ushtrimet me plotesime ne gjuhen angleze. Ushtrimet jane te bazuara ne librin (broshuren) Mini Grammar Book by Ardian Deari

These exercises are made and developed by Private Language School 'English For Life'.
Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble. You can also click on the "[?]" button to get a clue. Note that you will lose points if you ask for hints or clues!
Mbushni zbraztirat dhe pastaj shtypeni 'Kontrollo' per te pare pergjigjet tuaja se a i keni te sakta apo jo. Mundeni ta perdorni 'Ndihmen' (hint) per t'iu treguar shkronjat e para te foljeve. Gjithashtu mundeni ta shtypni [?] per te dhene informata rreth atij ushtrimi. Keni kujdes se cdo shtypje e 'Ndihmes-hint' ose [?] ju humbisni pike! Ushtrimet jane krijuar nga shkolla private e gjuheve te huaja 'English For Life', perkatesisht nga prof. Ardian Deari. Per te aplikuar apo cdo problem qe keni lajmerohuni ne +389 71 989 903
1. They (build) a new power station at the moment.

2. I was buying the stamps when somebody (call) my name.

3. 'What time (Kevin come) ?' 'An hour ago.'

4. I (not go) to the cinema last night. I was too tired.

5. Carol invited us to the party but we (not go) . We had other things to do.

6. I saw Bridget at the museum while I was going to the restaurant but she (not see) me.

7. 'Where (your parents live) ?' 'In a village near London. They have always lived there.'

8. She speaks English but she (not speak) French.

9. Jeff is from London. He (live) there all his life.

10. My favourite country is Canada. I (be) there four times.

11. I (never eat) bananas.

12. 'How long (you study) Photography?' 'For one year.'

13. 'Where are you going on holiday?' 'I don't know. We (not decide) yet.'

14. Who (invent) the washing machine?

15. 'Where's Jill?' 'She (have) lunch at the moment.'

16. (Terry work) ? No, he is on holiday.

17. Somebody (steal) my sunglasses at the swimming pool last week.

18. (she wear) the nice jacket when you saw her?

19. Where (be) you yesterday?