Ju qe keni Android, shtypeni update!

Ju qe keni Android, shtypeni update!

by Prof. Ardian Deari -
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Te nderuar nxenes, 

Versioni i ri tashme eshte lansuar per sistemin operativ Android. Shkoni ne PlayStore dhe shtypeni Update (perditeso). Urojme qe ky version te ju pelqeje. 

PS: Ju lutemi te mos harroni te na vleresoni me ndonje koment ne PlayStore.


Ju qe keni sistemin operativ iOS - Apple, se shpejti do ta pranoni edhe ju versionin e ri. 

We are the best!



- UI/UX improved and changed to ionic5 
- Dark Mode now supported
- Accessibility improvements to achieve WCAG 2.1 AA compliance
- H5P improvements - play packages using as much screen as possible and improve the way they are embedded
- Word count support in quiz essay questions
- Quiz pass grade displayed on quiz front page
- The app now runs up to 5 times faster

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Re: Ju qe keni Android, shtypeni update!

by Rigon Iseni -

Shum bukur po duket aplikacioni i ka merituar 5 yjet⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐